Here’s 8 ways you know it’s a rainy day in Lower Lonsdale:

1. Everyone crowds underneath store awnings (even when they’re walking with an umbrella).

2. Casual jackets are suddenly replaced with Gortex, hoods up.

3. Residents and visitors alike suddenly become aware that dogs have been doing it right for centuries–a good shake before walking inside is the best way to get rid of rain.

4. The necessity for umbrella etiquette classes becomes painfully apparent.

5. Boots come out to play – move over flats and shoes, rain boots, leather boots and hiking boots are back in a big way.

6. People move from the pier to the coffee shops and restaurants – rain is pretty much an excuse to stay warm, drink red wine and indulge in comfort food.

7. The truly optimistic insist on saying “it’s not rain, it’s liquid sunshine” and continue to make hiking/biking/running plans as per usual.

8. There’s a collective sigh from locals as the North Shore returns to its natural state.