Join the girls at Yogabods Fit tonight for a great workout and celebration!

When: Tuesday July 28th @ 8:15pm

Where: Soul Fitness located at 114-275 Fell Avenue

North Shore locals Marisa Jaramillo and Hannah Todd came together to fuse mind with muscle and create the concept behind Yogabods Fit. They wanted to offer people both the strength from a heart pounding, sweat pouring workout but also that complete blissfulness that enrobes you post savasana. So, they combined both their strengths and found the happy medium of Yogabods Fit, a one hour class of Yin/Yang (strength/stretching). You might even say it’s an adrenaline induced bliss by the time our class comes to an end. Our main goal is to create a community surrounding this idea of health and wellness as well as creating balance, not only in your body but in your life.

“We seek to create a tribe of like minded individuals who are looking to be inspired and who can go on to inspire others.”

July 22nd marks the official one year of Yogabods Fit and they are celebrating this milestone with all those who wish to participate on Tuesday July 28th at 8:15pm for a class (by donation, any dollar amount is accepted!).

Be ready to sweat, have a little fun and of course be well rewarded after with some treats and a little celebration marking their first milestone.

the girls

To learn more about Yogabods Fit, visit their website