Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has become a really popular water sport around the world. With the growth of the sport, SUP Yoga classes have also quickly become more common and it’s no wonder; it is a unique way to take your practice outdoors to a fresh air, floating studio, often with incredible views.

As a SUP Instructor and Personal Trainer, I also offer SUP Fitness classes, which are much less commonplace. I frequently get asked “What is SUP Fitness?”

Without a doubt, just getting out on the water and going for a paddle, is a good and fun way to get some exercise in and of itself. When done properly, the forward stroke works the core, the upper back and the shoulders in addition to activating the balancing muscles (fast twitch) in order to balance on the board.

Your body uses its fast twitch when you need to make fast movements and when doing high intensity forms of exercise.

With regular paddling, you can develop your fast twitch muscles, resulting in stronger and faster movement in other forms of high intensity, fast-paced exercises and sports. In addition, developing fast twitch muscles can also help prevent injury.

So what do we do in a SUP Fitness class? We take it a step further and turn stand up paddling into a full body workout. We do a Paddle Into Fitness signature Surfers Sculpt sequence that includes paddling drills and intervals to improve paddling endurance and strength. We also combine a simulated Battle of the Paddle-style SUP course, combined with beach fitness as well as a core workout on the board.

It is a really fun way to get in a killer workout that will work every muscle in the body, while having fun outdoors and on the water.

I could tell you more, but you will have to come try it for yourself! If you are new to paddling, I highly recommend taking an Intro SUP lesson with me first to develop those sea legs!

I offer SUP Fitness Surfer’s Sculpt as both a group fitness class and as a one-on-one way to train clients.

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