Summer is here, and it’s time to celebrate the season of “grill everything!”

Here’s a super simple, affordable dish to prep for your family and friends this summer. Quick to make, super flavourful, and most importantly, you’ll look like an all-star!

I picked up a watermelon today – this inspired the entire meal. After going back and forth and knowing how quickly I change my mind on a daily basis on what I want to eat, I decided to choose one of the smaller “mini” watermelons. I keep seeing them and believe that they’re now in season and available at all local markets, be it IGA, Kin’s Market at The Quay, or the produce store on West 1st Street (next to Buddhafull).

In the past, I’ve played around with this recipe in a few ways… but this is my favourite: I sliced two ends of the mini-melon to create a flat surface on either end. I then slice off portions of the perpendicular sides, resulting in making the mini melon cube-like in shape (but don’t forget to scoop out the good melon bits in the sliced off portions – perks of being the chef). From there, slice off the rest of the exterior rind. Finally, slice up the watermelon into slices to serve.

It’s grill time! Fire up the BBQ and make sure the grill is clean. This is the most important part for any vegetarian guests. I have a few non-meat-eater relatives, so I seem to have mentally created a veggie-zone-friendly area on my grill. But I’m just nice like that.

While the watermelon slices are beginning to grill, spread a coat of honey or agave over the melon slices (as you would BBQ sauce meat), and then season with seasalt over the honey. I thought this was crazy when I first attempted this, but the savoury-sweet flavour combo is killer!

Grill for 5 minutes, flip, apply honey/agave + salt to the other side for another 5 minutes, and then for good measure, flip once more for 2 minutes to lock in the flavours.

Serve immediately and enjoy, but watch out, as the melon retains the heat of the fire! I served this alongside a pre-prepped Pork Kebab from Meridian Farm Market that I picked up on my lunch break today (a little off LoLo, but close to my office). I drizzled some balsamic glazé over the grilled melon and tore up some fresh mint leaves from my balcony garden.


All in all, it was faster to prep this dish than chat about it… 20 mins tops. 5 to prep, 15 to grill, plate and present. Welcome summer meals: we love how simple you & delicious you are!