When it comes to commuting, Vancouver’s North Shore has been an absolute shit-show for the past two years; exacerbated in summer months when the city and district blow their budgets paying chain smokers $30/hour to hold signs.

Now, due to an inch-high bump on the south side of Lions Gate Bridge, the top tier brain farm at Translink decided to stop all busses bound for Downtown (240, 241, 246 and 247), diverting all commuters to the Seabus, resulting in the absolute cluster seen above. Seabus passengers have reported wait times over 30 minutes.

And politicians are scratching their heads wondering why more people don’t take transit…

Have you tried buying a ticket for the Seabus recently? At any given time, HALF of the payment terminals are out of service, making you to get in line behind a tourist family with stump fingers, before saying screw it and walking on for free. Translink has made implementing the compass card system seem like a lunar landing mission and expects you to cheer when the horrendously over-budget and behind-schedule payment system comes on board.

No wonder Metro Vancouver voted against giving these idiots more money.

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