You’re not likely to run into a bear in Lower Lonsdale, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our fair share of critters. Careful out there explorers!

5. Racoons
Cute and cuddly at a distance, these little fellas can often be seen roaming the alleys and parks in Lower Lonsdale. Agile and curious, pass too closely and you’re likely to hear them hiss. Give these guys a wide berth, especially if it’s a mama with her babes.

4. Skunks
Have you ever seen a baby skunk? Absolutely adorable. The smell, however… let’s just say it’s an eau de Lonsdale that residents are familiar with. Let’s just hope you’re not the first to happen upon a recent spray, because breathing through your mouth doesn’t help.

3. Seagulls
The winged locals are double trouble! Beware of swiped pastries on the pier if you’re not protecting your COBS Bread croissant, but don’t worry – if you get hit by a seagull flying overhead it’s considered good luck…

2. Seals
These little guys can often be seen frolicking as you stroll through Cates Park. More likely to kill you with cuteness than anything else, be prepared to have your schedule swept dangerously off course if you’re lunching with one of these beautiful creatures.

Say hi to Lower Lonsdale’s mascot “LoLo The Seal” here! [link]

1. Cougars
Perhaps the most rare of the abovementioned critters, cougars sightings are most likely in the wee hours of the morning at one of Lower Lonsdale’s late night drinking establishments. If observed, approach with care (and with your dancing shoes firmly in place).