What the hell is that right? If you already know then I’m really happy for you. For the rest of you, this is North Van born gymnast and Canadian National Team member Scott Morgan’s patented move. And its freaking nuts.

The difficultly level of this move is insanely high, as is the risk to the athletes achilles tendons. Here’s the footage of Scott performing his routine at last summer’s Commonwealth games. The round-off back handspring double back layout punch front one and half flip is the second move he does in his routine. It starts at about 11 or 12 seconds.

WOW!! Did you see when he lands and flips back the other way? Holy crap right?

I guarantee none of you can do that. In fact, many gymnasts don’t even try this type of move because it’s too difficult and too risky. There’s a reason this guy is world class. What’s even better is that he’s North Van born and raised. Scott went to Seycove and he trained at the Flicka Gymastics club up on East 23rd.

Scott recently collected 4 medals at the aforementioned Commonwealth games in Glasgow, including two gold medals and a silver in floor gymnastics. He hopes to continue racking up the medals at this summer’s Pan-Am games. If he pulls off this move flawlessly then that could be a definite possibility.

Men’s gymnastics start on July 11. Be sure to cheer Scott on!

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