Having spent some time in a landfill, I can attest to the fact that the holiday season generates a massive amount of waste. Half-eaten cakes, barely used toys, and bags full of gift wrap find their way from enthusiastic hands to the cold smelly confines of a junk pile. In an effort to curb this holiday dilemma, Metro Vancouver is yet again promoting their holiday campaign, Create Memories, Not Garbage (#GreenAngel).

The idea is to give experiences instead of easily discarded items, though they also promote the idea of gifts that last and/or locally produced wares.

Although Metro Vancouver has compiled a pretty great list of ideas on their site, I decided to add a few North Shore options:

  • Experience Glow Bowling in Lower Lonsdale–pair this with some glow-in-the-dark paint and you’ve got yourself a date!
  • Treat your friend to an afternoon of winter activities on a local mountain. Check out some free snowshoe trails in the area! HINT: MEC has some decently priced snowshoe rentals.
  • Make a coffee date. There’s an abundance of amazing and independent cafe’s on the North Shore, so take advantage and give the gift of time and cocoa.

As a worthy aside, remember that not all of our colourful and sparkly gift wrap can be recycled. Reuse old gift wrap, make use of pillowcases, newspaper, and towels, or simply google ‘Green Christmas Wrap’. Take a moment to to learn how you can stay off the naughty list!



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