Last week I had the pleasure of joining a company of local foodies in a seafood feast right here in Lower Lonsdale. The event–apty named “The Boil”–took us on a culinary tour of Pier 7‘s updated menu, featuring top sellers, highlights, and their beloved seafood boil (quelle suprise!). Here’s what the evening looked like:

To start, Lobster Cobb Salad–a delectable and creative take on the American classic, featuring Atlantic lobster, egg, avocado, and an herb vinaigrette. Through missing the traditional blue cheese kick, this salad is both refreshing and flavourful–a crowd favourite for sure.

2015-08-11 18.40.43

Next up, the Tomato Caprese and Roasted Beet salads. These shareable sides not only packed an artistic punch, being both vibrant and perfectly poised, but were also incredibly fresh and pleasing to the palate–a perfect appetizer.

2015-08-11 18.57.56

Served alongside the salads was a platter of fresh shucked raw oysters. Not being a huge oyster fan, I must admit that I was reluctant to try these out. Supported by the excitement of my fellow foodies, however, I agreed to give it a go. The chef had chosen to include three different types of oysters, and while I couldn’t personally tell the difference, I am not ashamed to say that these oysters changed my life–in that I now love oysters. No joke–you’re looking at an oyster convert, right here.
East Coast Oysters

After filling my belly with salad and oysters, it was finally time for THE BOIL! In case you don’t know, this is a weekly feature that Pier 7 introduced during this past year as a way to provide a unique–and affordable–shared dining experience. The boil provides an impressive bowl of vibrant seafood, including snow crab, dungeness crab, prawns, mussels, clams, calamari, potatoes, okra, grilled corn cobs, and chorizo sausage. This mouth-watering medley is served with a dish of melted butter–as it should be!–and is one of my new favourite meals of all time. Note: you can order THE BOIL sans chorizo to make it pescatarian.

2015-08-11 19.42.27

2015-08-11 19.44.54

Dessert featured a trio of flavours. While none of these were terribly exciting, the grapefruit panna cotta, topped with candied ginger was my personal favourite.

2015-08-11 20.34.31


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