It’s Friday in Lower Lonsdale and the night market is over so the next best thing to be surrounded by a mass of people eating and drinking would be to head on down to Tap & Barrel. But of course, there is a line, as this is the hot new joint in town. So here are 12 things you think about while standing in line at Tap & Barrel:

Note: the following usually seems like forever but is really only like 15 minutes.


1. You arrive and things are swell but you’re the first one here. Time to pretend you’re on your phone.



2. Your friends finally arrive and everyone is excited to have some libations and good times.

6355058394532127922006568257_giphy (4)


3. However, if you’re on a first date, the conversation could get a little bit awkward…

giphy (4)


4. Or you could be the third wheel, which is even worse.


5. Then, like clockwork, an annoying person bitches about having to wait in line and you’re like…



And he/she just keeps going…



6. And then the hunger sets in… and all you can think about are those delicious deep fried pickles.



7. And you’re so thirsty all you can think about is getting a drink and pounding it–it is Friday after all.



8. Sometimes, the wait can be too much for one to take and they have to surrender and leave.

giphy (3)


9. But you decide to make a vow and wait it out.



10. And thank god you did, because next thing you know, they call your name.



11. You feel on cloud nine and can’t help but look at all the other suckers standing in line behind you.



12. And finally you’re seated, relaxed and the server comes to the table and you’re like…


Or better yet, this…



But no matter how long the line seems to take, it’s always worth it in the end–am I right?