It’s over. We all knew that one day the rains would return to the North Shore. Our “RainCouver” reputation is on the horizon. And while there’s still a few weeks of calendarized “summer” left, I couldn’t help but list off theterrifying thoughts many of us have when the first major rainfall returns.

1. Well, it’s over.
Literally. That’s it. Farewell Summer.
2. Pack up the shorts.
It’s been a slice.
3. It’s time to pumpkin spice life.

4. Break out the candles.
We need some comfort around the home. And a chunky blanket.

5. Should I bring out the crockpot?
I mean, it’s been awhile since I made a good stew.

6. Do I own an umbrella?
Pretty sure that broke in the spring.

7. What rain coat?
You know you’re a true North Shore resident when you just walk out the door without your jacket.

8. How does one drive?
A few weeks of sunshine and literally EVERYONE forgets how to drive in the rain. SLOW DOWN! Turn ON the windshield wipers.

9. What about that picnic?
All those amazing summer plans you had but never got around to? Maybe next year.

10. Sleep, though.
Fact : we all sleep better listening to the sound of rain fall at night. So let’s just call it a day and head back to bed. See you next summer.
in bed

Here’s to Summer 2016! The countdown begins.