With wedding season coming close to an end, here are some pros & cons for the guests to these celebrations of love.


1. You and your crew get to get your party on.


2. If you’re a couple, you get to show each other off.


3. If you’re single, you may just meet the one you’ve been waiting for.


4. Open bar weddings have us like…


5. For some girls, catching the bouquet means you could be next!


6. And the love in the air is so sweet it can bring a tear to your eye.


7. Oh, and don’t forget the delicious food.



1. As fun as weddings are, they can suck your funds dry.


2. If you’re a struggling couple, it can make matters worse.


3. If you’re single, a wedding can make you feel like this.


4. At an open bar wedding, there is ALWAYS a chance that this could be you…yes you.


5. For some guys, the pressure is on if your girl catches the bouquet.


6. And the love in the air can make you ‘happy cry’ which is not a good look on most.


7. Oh and don’t forget about the hangover.


But in all honesty, they sure are a good time.