1. It all starts with that feeling you get when it’s finally time to leave work that glorious Friday.


2. The first thought is usually…


3. If you go camping for the weekend, this is likely you.


4. But the people who stay in the city can probably relate to this for their Friday night.


5. Then you wake up Saturday morning and have some healthy breakfast.


6. You feel guilty about being so lazy, but it’s okay because you still have 3 more days!


7. So another day of fun ensues… naturally.


8. And then next thing you know it’s Sunday morning… but it’s okay you STILL don’t have to work tomorrow.


9. So time to grab the crew and head out for some much needed brunch.


10. And brunch may turn into a few ceasars and beers… #sundayfunday


11. Your friends convince you to head to the beach with them for the rest of the day.


12. But you’re tired and realize you’ve barely chilled this entire long weekend and Monday is tomorrow.


13. So you make the wise choice and go home early to get some much needed shut-eye… good on you.


14. Now you wake up Monday and you STILL don’t have to work but you can’t help but remember your care-free weekend is coming to an end.


15. So you go to get groceries–and it kind of feels something like this.


16. But just when you think it’s all over, you remember…

— it’s a 4 day work week 😉