It’s finally here! A long weekend filled with delicious food and good times with the people we are most thankful for. Everyone’s family dynamic is different, but what would family be if we couldn’t totally be ourselves for the weekend–right? Here are 24 things we love/hate about Thanksgiving weekend with the family:

1. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and you’re excited for a chill time at home with the family.

rest and relaxation


2. And one thing is on your mind–turkey. Mmmmmm turkey…



3. You’re greeted with a warm hug from mom.

mom hug


4. She’s clearly excited to have all the family under the same roof for the weekend.

mom excited


5. And YOU’RE super excited to see your family pet. It’s been so long!



6. You’re crazy uncle shows up… bein’ all crazy ‘n stuff.

crazy uncle


And you’re like…

drinking all day and all night


7. You get woken up at a ridiculous hour the next morning.



8. But you quickly realize you get to laze around and be waited on–it’s thanksgiving weekend after all.

ma the meatloaf


9. Then finally Sunday rolls around and you’re REALLY excited for that dinner.

when can we start eating


10. Your anti-social cousin even decides to make an appearance.

anti social


11. And there’s always that one obnoxious family member that has to get their way.

giphy (2)


12. A little top up couldn’t hurt…

dinner wine


13. Your date says something awkward…

first date


And you’re just like…

funny drinking again


14. But thank the lord the food is DELICIOUS.



15. And the wine is flowing.

funny drinking


16. But then someone starts a fight.

giphy (1)


17. And the next thing you know…



18. So you try to calm everyone down.

shut up everybody


19. But the chaos ultimately ensues.



20. So you decide to retire to your sleeping quarters and get away from it all.

gonna go to my room


21. And you wake up the next morning like…

the after math


22. But you go in the kitchen and everything and everyone is just hunky dory.

crazy family


23. And you’re a little confused.



24. But that’s just thanksgiving with the family I guess.



Hope everyone has an eventful weekend!