Tonight marks the final Shipyards Night Market of the season. What on earth are we going to do on Friday nights in Lolo now? Here are 10 things we are going to miss most about the night market:

1. That feeling you get when you bring a friend who’s not from around here and they become SUPER impressed with North Van all of the sudden.

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And you’re just like…



2. Buying so many goodies that you can’t possibly carry them all home.



3. How else are you going to stalk your ex and his/her new fling anymore?



4. Or pick up that someone new just before Winter hits?



5. Lets not forget the eating–the gluttony & over-feeding of oneself that happens when you see that line-up of food trucks waiting for you… mmm grilled cheese.



6. And the FREE samples of delights from the assorted vendors.



7. Lets face it, it’s better than what we would normally be doing any other Friday night.



8. And it gives us a reason to have a few drinks at the welcoming beer gardens after a long week at work.



9. Don’t forget chair dancing to the live entertainment…



Because you’re not willing to give up your spot in the beer gardens to have to stand in line all over again.



10. But most of all, we say thank you to the night market for all the nice times and Friday fun.



And we’ll see you again next year!

see you in the future