Wednesday morning, 6AM:

Exhausted after too little sleep, I crawled out of bed and stumbled towards the kitchen. Dreaming of coffee, I leaned against the counter and opened the fridge, scanning the contents for my morning meal. That’s when I saw it –  a large brown box taking up half of the bottom shelf. I sighed–“Oh right, the juice cleanse…”

Prior to last week I had never considered doing a juice cleanse. I knew that they were popular and that there were potential benefits, but being a lover of all things food, I hadn’t given the topic much thought. What changed?  I was offered the opportunity to try out and review The Juicery 1 Day Cleanse (6 – 500ml Bottles, $70). Not one to shy from a challenge, I immediately jumped on board.

A week before the cleanse I caught up with The Juicery co-founder, Alex Troll, to get a sense of what I was in for. First off, Alex likened the 1 Day Cleanse to hitting a ‘reset’ button for your body. Say you’ve gone on a junk food binge, been sick with the flu, or are just feeling icky – this cleanse if a great way to refresh and restart your engine. Unlike the longer options, the 1 day is also a good choice for newbies. Before I left, Alex gave me a couple of tips for cleanse-day:

  1. Eat a light meal the night before.
  2. Get a good night’s rest the evening before your cleanse.
  3. Drink one juice every 2 hours or so.
  4. Supplement your cleanse with herbal tea and water as needed.


Juice #1, 8:30AM

“The Original”, a classic ‘green’ concoction. Not being a huge fan of green juice, I can’t really judge the flavour of this one–suffice it to say I was aware that I was drinking celery and kale. That said, the lemon and apple juice do nicely complement the veggie medley. Feeling optimistic.

Juicery_Cleanse_2015 (original)

Juice #2, 11AM

“Morning Sunshine”, i.e., orange, carrot, cantaloupe, ginger, and turmeric. This melon mix was relatively tasty, but I was starting to feel uncomfortably full of liquid. Two hours later and only 750mL in I began to panic as I realized that I still had 2.25 litres of juices to go! Feeling hungry and beginning to fantasize about food.

Juicery_Cleanse_2015 (morning)

Juice #3, 2PM

“The Palms”, a mix of greens combined with pineapple, cilantro, and lemongrass. Concerned by its greenish tinge, I was pleasantly surprised on tasting. This anti-inflammatory aid was decidedly refreshing and reminded me of snacking on fresh salsa–note: must like cilantro for this one. Slowing down and still feeling hungry; by the end of Juice #3 I was pretty much over the whole juice thing.

Juicery_Cleanse_2015 (Palms)

Juice #4, 6PM

“Sweet Beets”, a red coloured beverage featuring–you guessed it!–beets.  I dislike beets, but managed to finish it off through an act of sheer will.

Juicery_Cleanse_2015 (Beet)

Juice #5, 8PM

“Honey & Vanilla Almond Mylk”, i.e., sprouted almonds, vanilla bean, clover honey, and sea salt. After gulping down the beet juice as quickly as possibly, this mylk came as a welcome reprieve. It is delicious and creamy, and apparently improves your complexion (bonus!). Feeling happy and tired–time for a nap!

Juicery_cleanse_2015 (almond)

Juice #6, 10PM

Last juice of the day- “The Vera”. This one was light and pleasing to the palate–combining a short list of citrus flavours to aid in overnight digestion.


Looking at my diary, I clearly did not end up timing my cleanse very well, mainly due to not factoring in the psychological hardship of downing 500mL of juice at a time. I also did not get enough sleep the night before, which led me to having a nap at 5PM and 9PM. My advice? Follow Alex’s tips, and DO NOT prepare any food while doing the cleanse; it’s sheer torture.

Despite complaining all day long, I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to try this out. It was far more challenging than I’d imagined, and really tested my ability to stick to a plan. I’m proud to say that I made it through without cheating, and what’s more, I felt pretty great the day after. I was full of energy and feeling physically fit–who could ask for more?

WARNING–you ARE drinking 3L of juice in one day. Plan accordingly! Make sure you have a  fridge, washroom, and supportive network close at hand.