As the temperatures begin to rise, keep yourself cool with this quick lettuce wraps! Here’s what you’ll need to do to prep yourself for a delicious picnic lunch:

– 1 avocado
– 1 egg
– 1 tomato
– juice of one lemon
– garlic powder
– chilli powder
– 4 strips of low sodium microwaveable bacon cut up
– iceberg or romaine lettuce

– chop up your avocado into cubes and place in a bowl
– hard-boil an egg, let it cool,  and cut it up into into cubes
– chop up an tomato into cube-like pieces
– shake a little garlic powder onto the avocado, egg and tomato
– for a kick, shake a little chilli powder over everything
– microwave 4 strips of microwave bacon (or fry up your own) and once cooled, cut into little bacon strips/bits, and add to bowl
– squeeze the juice of a lemon and pour over everything
– gently mix everything in the bowl to combine all the flavours
– have some full lettuce leaves prepped either in the kitchen or in your picnic basket

– spoon mixture into lettuce leaves
– serve immediately

This would be the perfect lunch for two on a hot summer’s day. Double or triple the recipe, and serve this refreshing dish to your family + friends along with a chilled glass of sparkling Prosecco or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc!