Questions were raised in North Vancouver City Council Monday night regarding the Slide the City event scheduled for August 22 and whether our current water restrictions will affect it.

Councillor Rod Clark stated that council had received multiple emails over the last few weeks indicating that perhaps the city was setting a bad example with the use of water as well as thoughts that fecal coliform counts may be a concern with the use of recycled water.

In fact, Nanaimo’s Council recently cancelled their scheduled Slide the City event based on their own local water restrictions. The city of Nanaimo was at Stage 2 water restrictions at the time but the surrounding municipalities were at Stage 4, although North Vancouver City Staff indicated that that Nanaimo’s timeline to approve the event may have been shorter, prompting the cancellation. Councillor Craig Keating informed that Kamloops did not cancel their even this past weekend and it went off successfully even though their drought concerns are even worse than North Vancouver.

City staff informed council, “The process of approval (for the Slide events) are handled through the BC Safety Authority, who issue an order to comply with the safety of the event which includes the requirement of the operator to submit an approved water safety plan approved by a professional engineer and signed off by a health authority.” Staff continued by saying that this process happened for the Kamloops event and that Vancouver Coastal Health would approve the water safety plan that was conducted for the Kamloops event. City staff summed up by stating, “Similar to approving a health certificate for a food truck, they can operate in the entire province.”

As for concerns about fecal coliform counts, it was stated that this event is no different than any other water slide operated throughout the province which uses recycled chlorinated water and those concerns are minimal.

Mayor Mussatto who also serves as Chair of the Utilities Committee of Metro Vancouver informed that even if North Vancouver is bumped to Stage 4 water restrictions, the company (Slide the City) plans on purchasing and bringing in water from outside the Metro Vancouver water reserve (approx. 2 to 3 tanker trucks to run the entire event). Mussatto summed up the concerns about the water usage, “The amount of water being used is equal to about half the amount of a commercial car wash for a day. Commercial carwashes are still allowed to operate.”

So, if you’ve purchased your ticket for Slide the City it looks like you can go ahead and inflate those tubes and water wings in preparation for August 22.

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