The North Vancouver shipyards area of Lower Lonsdale may be about to lose a piece of its heritage. Pinnacle Development has requested permission from the City to remove one of the remaining Colby Cranes on the former shipyard site. In return for amending the original agreement to refurbish the crane, Pinnacle would pay the city $500,000 to be used in the shipyards at the city’s discretion.


The Colby Cranes at the site were an integral part of wartime shipbuilding when the Wallace Shipyards were producing vessels for World War II. The crane in question at the Southeast side of the development was to be refurbished just as the similar crane that sits over Shipbuilder Square. It was to then be a part of a proposed Mariners Plaza public space.


Opposition to the Pinnacle proposal came from Councillor Clark as well as the North Shore Heritage Society during public input. Said Clark, ”They (Pinnacle) are proposing $500,000 compensatory payment, as far as I’m concerned that’s a low-ball figure. We should be asking for more than potentially what they want to pay, but certainly not accepting $500,000. It’s not a good business move as far as I’m concerned.”


At Monday’s North Vancouver City Council meeting, Council voted in favour of the Staff Report on the situation, with Councillor Clark the one dissenter. The compensatory money was proposed by Councillor Bookham to be contributed to the new waterfront North Vancouver Museum but was defeated 5 to 2 with only Councillor Bell agreeing. The money could possibly help pay the $10,000 upkeep of the first crane, or may be pegged to upgrade the existing electrical building on the Burrard Drydock Pier into a possible retail food business.

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