Beautiful weather, great shops and restaurants, and easy access to fantastic hiking trails – it’s no wonder the seabus has been busy lately. Couple summer tourist season with commuter traffic, and the relaxing 10 minute “people’s yacht” can get crowded and angsty.

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Here’s how to make the best of your journey:

1. Planning

This step is crucial. Are you going to be in a rush when you get off the SeaBus? Do you want to watch the view? Knowing how you want your voyage to play out is imperative in the planning stages. For those that need to make a quick getaway on the other side, head towards the front of the SeaBus and cozy up to a neighbour – fill in seats are the last to go. When in doubt? Elbows up! The closer you are to the front doors when you dock, the faster you can speed walk your way to freedom. If you’d rather look out the window and take in the view, head to the back of the SeaBus and snag a window seat. If you’re lucky you might even spot a seal.

2. Entertainment

One of transit’s many benefits is the people watching, and the SeaBus is certainly no exception. From groups of tourists crowded by the front windows to the salesperson who’s debating the merits of his new fail proof strategy for all the world to hear, there’s a never ending supply of entertainment. For those who would prefer to chill out, a good book or headphones are strongly encouraged.

3. Timing

A friendly reminder that the SeaBus comes every 15 minutes during peak hours, and every 30 minutes during non-peak times. Luckily if you miss it by a few minutes there’s plenty to do near Lonsdale Quay. Ice cream anyone?


Click here for the full SeaBus schedule