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Food adventures are always fun! Eating, discovering new things, and meeting and making new friends. Tasting Plates, hosted by Vancouver Foodster’s, Richard Wolak is one of my favorite things attend. Tasting Plates are a great way to check out restaurants in the neighborhood that have been on your radar and discover new ones along the way. That’s how I discovered one of my favorite dessert places!

When I was invited to 3rd Annual Tasting Plates at Lower Lonsdale, I was looking forward to trying out some new dishes and was glad that some of the shops and restaurants were on the list. For those who have attended Tasting Plates at any of the featured neighborhoods, we would be so full that you would need a tupperware container (as mentioned on their website).

However, it wasn’t the case for this Tasting Plates.

Before I explain, I would like to say that Richard Wolak takes his time to curate these businesses for his Tasting Plates events. Sometimes at these events there might be an odd occasion where a restaurant runs out of food or some other mishap. Please note that it isn’t Richard’s fault in these matters – it is the restaurants’ or shops’. Tasting Plates is meant to take the restaurants in the featured neighborhood and allow them to shine.
So now on to the food.
Our first stop was at Pier 7, which was the main point of registration. The food was beautifully presented and was fresh and delicious.

Pier 7

On the plate:

  • Oyster shooter with tomato jelly, celery foam
  • Salmon tataki with grand fir crème friache, pea shoots
  • Tuna tartar with ponzu ginger, taro root chip


Our next stop was at Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier. They were generous with the amount of their food and featured their Sapporous Sangria that was part of the Sangria Challenge.


Pier 7

On the plate:

  • Togarashi Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki with cucumber, edamame, beet curls, carrot, arugula, spinach and cilantro with ginger orange soy reduction
  • Jicama Fish Tacos with pan seared cod, pickled fennel coleslaw, pico de gallo in a thin jicama shell


After that, we made our way to Lonsdale Quay to check out the other shops. We checked out Green Leaf Brewing. Guests were invited to choose any glass of beer they have on tap.

On tap:

  • Weisenhower – A classical Heffeweizen flavored with saffron. Light, floral, fruity, and perfect for a hot summer day
  • Lloyd’s Lager – A clean, dry, light bodied lager that uses a combination of American and Pilsner yeasts
  • Pie Hole Pale Ale – Clean, refreshing, and finely balanced with a big, fresh hop aroma and delicious fruity flavors
  • Chain Link IPA – A classic North American IPA brewed with English yeast


We then checked out Bowen Island Pizza Company.  The food was amazing albeit the portions was small. There was a couple slices of meat accompanied with small wedge of applewood cheddar and olives. The pizza served was a sliver rather than a slice. I wished the pizza portion was bigger because it was delicious.


Bowen Pizza Company

On the plate:

  • Slice of signature pear and brie pizza
  • A few slices of Two Rivers meats and a wedge of cheese


On to dessert – Frux Frozen Organic Yogurt was where I discovered kale frozen yogurt last year. I wished that they served a cup of frozen yogurt of choice rather than the mini sample cup sizes. The flavors that I enjoyed from Frux was kale and the vegan chocolate frozen yogurt.



On the plate:

  • Kale frozen yogurt
  • Vegan chocolate frozen almond milk
  • Strawberry frozen yogurt sweetened with honey
  • Mango frozen yogurt


Our last destination was Two Daughters Bakery. This bakery is one of my favorite places that sells delicious gluten-free baked goods. The organic blueberry raspberry tart was quite a treat!

Two Daughters Bakery

On the plate:

  • Organic blueberry raspberry tart
  • Savory bread


All in all, the Tasting Plates in Lower Lonsdale was lacklustre as some of the shops gave smaller portions. I can honestly say that after I was done, I headed on over to another restaurant with some friends to have a full meal. But as this Tasting Plates was not what I’ve expected, this does not deter me from attending future Tasting Plates.