Tonight, my wife and I dined at the Pasparos Taverna, a marvelous Greek restaurant on 3rd Street West, between Lonsdale and Chesterfield. Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, the restaurant is the able hands of sisters Katia and Julie Kefalogianni and features a menu of Greek staples, as well as mouthwatering specials that tempt the palate and sate the hunger and please the eye.

Food_Pasparos (1)

We sat in the comfortable, airy atrium, surrounded by plants and lit by candlelight and enjoyed Katia’s highly personable and knowledgeable service and assistance as she guided us with entree and wine choices.

This evening, we elected to try two of the specials, from Katia’s mother’s recipes. My wife had the Heirino Krasato me Syka, which the menu describes as “An authentic Cretan dish. Tender pieces of pork prepared with thyme and red wine; Mediterranean dried figs plumped up in the sauce. The perfect marriage of sweet and savory.”

Food_Pasparos (3)

I ordered the Yiouvesti, which, according to the menu, is “Tender pieces of lamb shoulder baked with orzo pasta in delicate red sauce reduction. Warmly spiced with the aromas of cinnamon and bahari. Sprinkled with grated kefalograviera cheese.”

Food_Pasparos (4)

Both dishes were irresistibly delicious, and we shamelessly tried each others’ meals. Both the pork and the lamb were ‘melt in your mouth’ tender, and the accompanying sides were perfectly matched to enhance both flavour, texture and presentation of the dishes.

Best of all was that both sated, we each had enough leftovers to box up and take home to enjoy again tomorrow evening!

Food_Pasparos (5)

In the day of restaurants that seem come and go in the blink of an eye, almost as fads, it is both refreshing and enormously satisfying to find one that has been around for 40 years, and is still at the top of its game. If you enjoy Greek fare, I highly recommended Pasparos Taverna.

For more information, visit their website