Address: 250 East 1st St.

Category: Weekend Brunch (and so much more!)

Vibe: Casual and friendly – a place with ‘soul’

Highlights: Mimosas, benny’s, and laid-back tunes.

Best time to go: If you’re looking to brunch, stop by between 11AM-3PM on the weekend. It’s busy, but not busy enough that you’ll have to wait for ages.

Brunch is one of my absolute favourite mealtimes. Not only does it lend itself to culinary creativity, but it also provides a perfect excuse to sleep in and indulge. I particularly like to try out new brunch spots, so after perusing one of our recent articles–4 Cool Places to Brunch in LoLo this Weekend–I decided to make my way to Finch & Barley; a venue that I know and love by night, but had never experienced in the light of day.


As it turns out, Finch opens their doors to the weary and bleary every Saturday and Sunday, offering up a compact yet appealing menu for their patrons. With its south-facing windows and eclectic decor, the space certainly provides a welcoming retreat to recharge with friends. The service was a touch slow, but I was impressed by the laid back atmosphere and appropriately selected tunes that accompanied the wait.

To compliment my coffee and mimosa combo, I opted for the Omlette, a satisfying dish of fluffy, folded eggs, rosemary potatoes, and a side of toast. The eggs were adorned with pesto and goat cheese, and garnished with earthy pea shoots and roasted tomato. Beneath this parcel, a trio of asparagus spears were found, adding an interesting–yet slightly overcooked–addition to the dish. Despite the no-fuss (and misspelled?) title, the Omlette delivers an engaging compliment of flavours that I intend to re-visit soon!

FinchBrunch 12.06.47

Across the table, my date had chosen the Steelhead Trout Benny for her mid-morning meal. This delicious looking dish featured a pair of perfectly poached eggs poised atop a bed of savory trout,and lathered with lemon mint hollandaise sauce. The fish was fresh and well cooked, adding to a lovely, yet surprisingly mild, medley of flavours. The meal comes with a small fruit salad and a healthy portion of those tasty rosemary potatoes.

FinchBrunch 12.05.48 (1)

All-in, I was pleasantly surprised by the Finch & Barley Brunch. The options were enticing, the presentation appealing, and the portions were more than filling. Although there was a mysterious lack of pepper and toast condiments provided, I’ve decided to forgive the oversight and give them my vote as one of the best brunch places in the neighbourhood.

Note: This is a veggie/pesce/vegan friendly establishment, so if you tend to gravitate towards non-meat options, this is a great choice.