It’s Saturday night in Lower Lonsdale. With a warm woolen coat thrown over your little black dress, you head out for your date—dinner, drinks, flirtatious glances. It’s new and exciting and absolutely perfect in its inevitably awkward imperfection. The only problem is, where to go…

This past Saturday I set out, date in tow, with the hopes of reviewing LoLo’s dinner date options. It was a cold, damp evening, and I had not made a reservation. While this usually isn’t a problem, for some reason there had been an explosion of teenaged girls in the neighbourhood who all seemed to be hungry at the exact same time as us.

Lurking in doorways, we made our way through the 100 block of Lonsdale, searching for somewhere—anywhere—to eat our meal.With aching bellies and an adventurous spirit we finally agreed on the last available option: the deserted patio at Burgoo (3 Lonsdale Avenue).


Despite the chills and threat of rain, sitting outside certainly served as a unique and amusing experience. The servers braved the cold with jovial grace, donning jackets and equipping us with blankets and a large patio umbrella. Browsing through the menu, we decided to share the Hummus and the Salmon Cake appies to start.

I was impressed by both of these options in terms of presentation, portion size, and flavour. The hummus, which comes with cucumber slices and warm pita, was spicier than anticipated, but pleasing to the palate. The salmon cakes came as a tasty trio of full-flavoured sockeye and potato patties, accompanied by a vibrant saffron and lemon remoulade with a hint of mustard.


Apparently craving lunch-for-dinner, both myself and my date chose sandwich combos as our mains. I opted for an all-time favourite Burgoo meal, the Gooey Cheese Grillers. The portion size was a touch smaller than I had remembered, but the mouth-watering medley of Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and white Cheddar more than made up for it. My spinach salad wasn’t particularly dazzling, though I did appreciate the bits of apple and feta–always a great combination!


For his main, my date went with the After School Special, which allows you to choose your preferred soup and sandwich from the menu. He chose the Straight Up Tomato–a fairly standard version of the classic–along with a Tastiest Chicken. This sandwich features little blocks of chicken slathered in a dijon mayonnaise and topped with bacon, apple, and brie. Considering the list of ingredients it was actually fairly underwhelming, though after much contemplation we decided that it could definitely serve as a satisfying lunch option.


As we polished off our meals and the wind picked up, our servers suggested a move indoors. Cocktails in hand, we made our way to the bar to warm up and take in some of the bistro vibes. Burgoo has a well-known way about it; rustic charm meets upscale comfort, with a dash of jazz to set the mood. I always enjoy my time in there, and was happy to spend a few cozy minutes inside before bundling up for the cold walk home.


Does Burgoo fit the bill for a date night out? I think so; fresh food with great service in a charming atmosphere–sounds good to me! If you really want to turn it up, stop by on a Sunday evening. Not the traditional date night, but Burgoo tends to have live music each week. Pair that with a nice glass of wine and some shareable eats, and you’ve got yourself an impressive night out.

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