Address: 13 Lonsdale Avenue

Category: French inspired/Westcoast

Vibe: Casual and friendly

Highlights: Brunch bowls and the awesome beats. I’d also suggest checking out their lunch and dinner menu.

Best time to go: For brunch, stop by between 11AM-3PM on the weekend. Since it does get busy, they ask for your number, and when a table is ready for your group, they give you a call to let you know the table is ready.

Brunch is one of my favourite meals. It’s such a great way to ease into the weekends with good company and good food. One sunny weekend my friend and I decided to catch up on Lower Lonsdale. I suggested The District as I was interested in trying their brunch, since I’ve checked out their yummy dinner menu.

I ordered The Crab Cake Bowl, as it was giving me bedroom eyes, and the server informed me that it was “happiness in a bowl”. I was sold. As my dish arrived, the Crab Cake Bowl arrived with two soft poached eggs adorned with arugula, drizzled with a slightly tangy hollandaise sauce, with a side of Marzano tomato relish, on a bed of Kennebec potatoes. It was a great balance of textures and flavours – creaminess of the oozy egg yolk, tanginess from the hollandaise sauce and tomato relish combined with the crunchiness of the potatoes was everything I imagined it to be.


(Above: Crab Cake Bowl)

My friend ordered the Eggz Migaz because the slow braised beef short ribs was calling his name. This dish arrived with with scrambled eggs and tomato relish on top of the braised beef short ribs, also on a bed of Kennebec potatoes. This dish was hearty and the tomato relish added a nice acidity to the dish.


(Above: Eggz Migaz)

If you are ever in the mood for brunch in Lower Lonsdale, check out the brunch bowls at The District. You won’t be disappointed.