Lonsdale Quay is the gateway to the North Shore and the heart and hub of Lower Lonsdale. It’s bustling and picturesque, providing an a ideal space to grab a meal and take in the Vancouver skyline. The quay is one of those unique destinations that appeals to tourists and locals alike. For those that live here, it’s a space to recharge, decompress, and gather; a place for people watching, sun bathing, and quiet contemplation. It a go-to on a Sunday morning–a place to relax in the familiar, coffee cup in hand, watching the sun bounce playfully off the waters edge.

One of the things that the quay is best known for is it’s eclectic assortment of tasty eats–most of which I’ve sampled at some point or another over the years. Every true LoLo local has their favourites–the places they frequent when they’re craving the familiar and nothing else will do. FOr me, that place is the All Day Cafe.


The All Day Cafe is situated on the east side of the food court as a stand-alone structure boasting all-day breakfast and…Over the years this place has become my constant. Anyone who has spent a lazy day with me has definitely been introduced to this eatery. it’s that place I gravitate towards when the sun is shining and I have nothing to do–a rare occurrence these days!

While I love pretty well everything that I’ve tasted at the All Day Cafe, I must admit that I almost always order the same meal: one medium roast coffee and a veggie eye opener….


What I love about these sandwiches is is their simplicity. Every time I go to All Day Cafe I know exactly what I’m going to order and what I can expect.


Since Moodyville’s Cafe left the hood a couple years ago this is by far the best place to cop a reliable and delicious all day breakfast!