We recently caught up with the artist behind the most-Instagrammed place in Lower Lonsdale and here’s what he had to say:

Who are you?

I’m Lukas Kasper, a travelling artist (originally from Australia) looking to take in the world in a different way. I find paint as soon as I land in a new country with a mission to get to know the locals and the community through making art. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing  people and sharing moments through my art. The past few years have been a fun roller coaster filled with murals, collaborations, exhibitions, workshops and more.

How did you become an artist?

Through graffiti! Things have come pretty far since I was a little vandal. I’ve learnt a lot and my direction has changed with my work. I had my ups and downs with the law and with myself and I’m so glad I could experience it all at a young age. Makes me so appreciative of where I am now in Vancouver making a living from the thing that I love and having the perfect excuse to meet the people in the community first hand.

What was your inspiration for Fun Alley?

To bring people together through a display of vibrant colours, the Studio In the City team and I put together a piece that could capture people both young and old and brought a flare to North Vancouver that I really think it needs. Colour and a perfect place for everyone to get together and enjoy their community. People didn’t even notice this alley and now this community has the perfect opportunity to give artists an opportunity to spill their mind on the walls and reep the benefits. Countless people have been brought together in FunAlley and I’m just appreciative that I had the opportunity to work on the project, it’s a great feeling when I pass by and see all those light up faces.

FunAlley was created through a program that The City of North Vancouver calls “Studio In The City” it was actually the 10th year running. If you keep an eye out around Lonsdale you’ll see plenty of these installations. It was an 8 week course ran with young inspiring artists of North Vancouver. Helping facilitate this program was one of the best achievements of my travel and it’s awesome being able to keep up with the students work as they refine their craft.

What are your future plans?

The future is never certain, the one thing I know is my working visa in Vancouver is coming to an end but I think the travelling/obsessive art making will continue. Maybe visit Bali on my way back home to Australia to see my art family, paint murals & enjoy the hot weather!

What do you love about Lower Lonsdale?

There’s so much to do in Lower Lonsdale! Amazing food & beautiful locations. If I had to choose one thing,  I’m a dog lover and there’s no shortage of them.  While painting this mural I had the pleasure to pat dogs big and small. It’s the little things you know? 😉

Follow Lukas’ journey on Instagram @kaspersart

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