What: La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

Who: Founder, Marcelo Ramirez Romero

When: Since 2009

Where: 1305 Welch St

Hours: 11am-5pm every day — They’re open on weekends!

Why do we love them?

From the moment you walk into La Taqueria, you are welcomed with a friendly ‘hello!’ and a smile. You walk up to the counter to place your order and they will always guide you if you’re debating what to get. From the Asada to the Al Pastor & Pescado, these aren’t like the tacos you see in mainstream restaurants, these are the real deal pinche ‘street’ tacos.  We love La Taqueria because it brings us a taste of REAL Mexico with authentic, traditional recipes using local, organic and sustainable ingredients. My personal favourite: the Al Pastor (pork) tacos topped with sweet pineapple they are soooo good.

Why North Van?

Their North Vancouver location has actually been their commissary kitchen for the other locations. From there, they saw that the North Shore was in need of some authentic Mexican flavours so they opened the taco shop on Welch Street in early 2015.

What drives your business?

They enjoy making people feel happy, loved and at home while they are at any of their 3 amazing locations.

Additional Info:

Located at 1305 Welch St. this is a great pit stop while biking or walking on the Spirit Trail!