The North Shore is home to four different micro-breweries, all of which produce deliciously quaffable products. Lower Lonsdale is lucky enough to have one of these destinations right in its heart: Green Leaf Brewing Company. Being a craft beer fan, Green Leaf is by far my favourite part about a trip to the Quay.

What: Green Leaf Brewery, a microbrewery in Lonsdale Quay

Who: Founder and Director, Martin Ebadi

When: Just celebrated their first anniversary

Where: Southwest corner of Lonsdale Quay Market (123 Carrie Cates Ct.)


Why do we love them?

Great local craft brew with unique and unbeatable surroundings.

Green Leaf Brewery has established a friendly tasting room to front the brewery that has an authentic pub feel to it, even though it is surrounded by souvenir kiosks, produce vendors and a food court. A large wooden bar and several tables greet the visitor upon entry, behind the bar is a literal wall of beer in 650ml bottles. In addition there are countless 2L “growler” bottles waiting to be filled, the growler fills comprising about half of Green Leaf’s sales. The staple brews at Green Leaf are Pie Hole Pale Ale and Bitter Leaf IPA, they also brew a Stout, Saison and Weizen.

Why Lower Lonsdale?

Ebadi says that his location at the South end of Lonsdale Quay Market allows for terrific exposure to thirsty tourists disembarking the SeaBus. His patrons are split 50/50 between Lower Lonsdale locals and tourists with the out-of-towner number jumping to 70% in the summer months.

What drives your small business?

He enjoys the fact that his brewery brings people of the community together in its own small way. “I really enjoy the people. You see people getting to know each other,” he shares, “In our society nowadays, you can live next door to someone and not know them, for years, but here I see people sitting around and they start a conversation…and they discover they’re neighbours. It’s cool.”

Additional info:

Only one year into operation, Green Leaf has already expanded its tasting room to accommodate the growing numbers. It’s this expansion however that is forcing Ebadi to continually jump through the hoops of bureaucracy to satisfy the City. Ebadi tells me, “Because of my expansion, the city wants me to put a glass wall around the working area (where the large tanks are) and sprinklers. We have one burner way in the back that goes right into the kettle with no open fire. There is open fire all around the food court in The Quay, so I’m trying to fight that.”

The words of the founder of the brewery himself really do sum up Green Leaf succinctly: It’s cool. I couldn’t agree more.