What: Forest Gems and Stones. A store that sells precious and semi-precious gemstones and has one-of-a-kind jewellery. Combines the healing properties of crystals and gemstones.

Who: Allen and Ling Wallington. Ling is the vivacious and kind jewellery designer of this shop.
Allan is a friendly, artistic, and talkative husband of Ling, who helps her out at the shop.

When: The shop has been around for 17 years in total. Initially they were located inside the Quay. In 2013, they decided to take a year off and relocated on the Quay and have been there ever since.

Where: 144 Chadwick Court


Why do we love them?

The shop is well maintained, calming, healing space where customers can buy stones and crystals for healing or to wear as a statement piece.
I remember buying a jade bracelet from the owners when I was in Lonsdale Quay 4 years ago. I was always mesmerized at the beautiful crystals and stones and was looking for a jade bracelet for good luck. Ling showed me a few pieces and explained to me how to differentiate a real jade from a fake one and the types of jade available. She even explained the healing properties of jade. Ling is passionate about her gems and stones and practices crystal/Reiki healing.


Why Lower Lonsdale?

In the beginning, Allen and Ling used to sell Allen’s artwork at the upper level of Lonsdale Quay at the art gallery. Eventually they moved to the lower level of the Quay. The shop was smaller than their original location so they decided to sell healing stones alongside Allan’s artwork. After taking a year off in 2012, they relocated to a storefront on the Quay. As you can tell, they love Lower Lonsdale as much as the customers (and we) love them! They love Lower Lonsdale because of the community and how other businesses in the Quay are like family to them.

How did you get into the business?

What inspired Ling to sell the semi-precious stones and crystals initially was that they wanted to sell something alongside Allan’s works of art as there was lack of space on the lower level of Lonsdale Quay to display everything.  Ling was fascinated by the beauty, vibrancy, and colours of the stones when she started collecting them for the shop. Over time, she learned more about the names, healing properties, and energy of the stones, which sparked her interest more. She met a lot of spiritual people and healers along the way.


What drives your business?

Forest Gems and Stones customers has a great mix of regulars and new ones. Customers of all ages and all walks of life are fascinated and intrigued by the stones at the shop and the beautiful pieces that Ling creates. She is passionate in what she does and loves meeting new people. Ling feels a sense of satisfaction when she has guided her customers to go on the right path of healing and when her customers wear her pieces of art.



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