Gotta give 2 thumbs up to October this year! Mother Nature treated us well.

Thanks to everyone who entered this month’s contest. Friendly reminder that you MUST do 2 things in order to qualify to win the grand prize: #LowerLonsdale AND tag our account in the photos (see contest rules). Grant & Jasmine from The Botto Team are pleased to announce our Top 10 and winner of $100 CASH below:




Pretty much the extent of our days. He runs. I “Chase”. #vancouvermom#yvrmoms#vancouverkids#lolo

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Mother Nature showing off her personalities. 🌗 #splitpersonalities #mothernature #stormylady

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🖤Urban dog walks! 🖤Family portraits just aren’t complete without the fur baby!

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Congratulations to the winner from our prize sponsors!

How to Enter

The #LowerLonsdale Top 10 will be announced at the end of each month, with the winner recieving $100 CASH from The Botto Team… that’s right, cold hard cash to spend wherever your heart desires.

How It Works:

AT THE END OF EACH MONTH we are going to present our top 10 photos of the respective month PLUS announce one lucky winner who will recieve a CASH PRIZE ($100) sponsored by The Botto Team.

How To Enter:

1. Post your photo to Instagram (only images dated within the respective month will qualify, so no old photos please).

2. Use the hashtag #LowerLonsdale in the caption.

3. TAG @lowerlonsdale IN the photo (2 & 3 must both be done in order to win the prize).