Two bros from North Van are trying to one-up Project X by throwing a massive house party on February 27th. The Facebook event has 4,200 attendees at the time of publishing this post.


Here’s the Facebook event [link *must be signed into Facebook for link to work*]




Check out the message from the host:


Fuck whatever your doing on feburary 27th, come and help create the biggest party in vancouver histrory, its called “we are moving out and FUCK the landlord (aka fucking dip shit)! we are hoping to create something a bit more fun than project x style party, come get messy with all of us ! tell all your mates! but lets keep this north van and west van people only hey;) fuck waiting till summer, lets just party for the sake of it! who’s with me??!?!?


The event description says that the location will remain a secret until about four hours before the party, when they’ll post the address briefly. Then “all evidence will be deleted”.


Bros will be bros. Hope everyone gets home okay.