At the North Vancouver City Council Meeting this past Monday, November 2, City Staff put forward a proposal for a Pilot Project of a temporary ice rink at Lot 5 in the Shipyards. The exact area would be the spot utilized for beach volleyball in the summer with the proposal called for a 50’ by 60’ rink with temporary covering using piping set into the existing sand. The rink was to run from December 18 of this year through February 14, 2016.

Council however voted unanimously to Receive and File the motion, in essence stopping the plan in its tracks. The main reason being the $275,000 price tag and the fact there is currently a Request For Proposal regarding future plans in the shipyards that already includes a permanent seasonal ice rink feature.

Councillor Keating summed up the feelings of most of the Council by saying, “I was a little bit perturbed in the report that there was a line that suggests we want to test out an ice rink to see whether or not the public wants one…too late. Done. They’re getting one, and that’s going to be our (Council’s) struggle in 2018 (next election cycle).”

Mayor Darrell Mussatto wrapped up the discussion by stating, “It (the future rink) is going in, as Councillor Keating and Buchanan have said, at Site 5. That’s we heard very loud and clear with those years of public input, and I think the number is just something we can’t do if it’s going to be temporary. I think we are making the right decision but we are moving in the right direction in the big picture, both Staff and Council.”

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