NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) parents peddling garbage, selfish opinions under the “think of the kids” veil is nothing new. Parents are hardwired to protect their babies from the evil underbelly of society: crime, prostitution, drug addiction, poverty, disease. This natural instinct can also make them act and think like unreasonable, closed-minded idiots.

This article in the March 4th edition of North Shore News is proof that the stigma surrounding medical marijuana is alive and kicking.

On January 25th, we posted an article on Lower Lonsdale’s two medical marijuana dispensaries, Weemedical and Weeds, and still maintain the opinion that they are a welcome addition to our diverse and easily-accessible community. Tomasa Cruz, the NIMBY parent interviewed in today’s North Shore News article, has a different opinion:

“The Marijuana place has no curtains, it’s all bright and the lights are on and flashing. Anybody who can read can see it.”

This is a licensed distributor selling a medicinal product to patients who have been prescribed marijuana by a doctor for conditions ranging from cancer to anxiety. Would you rather they black out the curtains and get rid of their signs, making life more difficult for the patients?

“From what she has observed, Cruz said the dispensary is attracting negative activity in the neighbourhood including more people coming and going, some appearing to be unstable. On one occasion she witnessed a mother and her teenage daughter walk out of WeeMedical with a small brown bag in the younger woman’s hand.”

Send in a SWAT team. “Negative Activity” units are off the charts. We’ve seen an increase in the comings and goings of hooded folk with their saggy pantaloons and hip hop music on their iPods.

I GUARANTEE YOU that the number of shady and illegal drug deals that go down on East 1st is tenfold what Weemedical moves in a day.

“Champions manager Connor Brown told the News he’s “shocked” WeeMedical is allowed to operate on that particular block.

“It’s a residential, homey area and then all the sudden you see that, especially when they have a big sandwich board,” said Brown. “You can definitely smell it (marijuana) more. But yeah, we have definitely had parents be like ‘what the heck.’”

“Homey” is the term that comes to mind when you think of East 1st? HOMEY? I don’t think so. Sure, people live along east first, but this street is also home to a sex shop, the Rusty Gull, Finch & Barley and Obsession Bikes.

For the record, I walk my dog down to the park across the street from Weemedical, and have not once seen a human under the age of 20 playing in that park.

The article goes on to discuss the “grey” legality of medical marijuana. Mayor Darrell Mussatto commented, “they told me that they were selling paraphernalia, they were not selling marijuana. I support the changes in our laws with the (federal) Liberals supporting more of the decriminalization (and) legalization of marijuana, but I want to be very clear: I am not supportive of the breaking the current law.” Mussatto also claims that The City would not benefit financially from medical marijuana shops.

Operating outside of current laws, without permission from The City and with no financial benefit to the community are all completely legitimate reasons to question the existence of these two dispensaries.

But keep the NIMBY trash out of Lower Lonsdale.

I leave you with this video of children who use marijuana to cope with serious illnesses such as leukemia and to treat the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy:

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