Coming back from holidays can be tough, but we had so many amazing December images to vet through for today’s contest winner announcement, it made life that much easier. Each month, we are seeing more and more of you tagging your local shots with #LowerLonsdale and showing the world what our hood is all about. We’re so proud to call this place home and you all our fantastic, talented neighbours.

This one was a tough one, but with the help from The Botto Team, we have selected our winner and they are ready to hand out $100 CASH. If you don’t already know how the contest works, peep the ‘How It Works’ section on this page and join in for next month!

Here is our #LowerLonsdale Top 10 for December 2017:


Always the centre of attention ✨ #cottoncandysky #lowerlonsdale

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Santa is a close personal friend of mine🎅🏼

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born N raised

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#LowerLonsdale Cold December morning. Love it.

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Congratulations to @brandy_craddock! Please e-mail to collect your prize.

Special thanks to our prize sponsors:

How to Enter

The #LowerLonsdale Top 10 will be announced at the end of each month, with the winner recieving $100 CASH from The Botto Team… that’s right, cold hard cash to spend wherever your heart desires.

How It Works:

AT THE END OF EACH MONTH we are going to present our top 10 photos of the respective month PLUS announce one lucky winner who will recieve a CASH PRIZE ($100) sponsored by The Botto Team.

How To Enter:

1. Post your photo to Instagram (only images dated within the respective month will qualify, so no old photos please).

2. Use the hashtag #LowerLonsdale in the caption.

3. TAG @lowerlonsdale IN the photo (2 & 3 must both be done in order to win the prize).