Old school cars met new school yachts.

And the post-summer workouts have begun…unfortunately…

Lonsdale Quay got an artistic update.

Last night the wonderful students from Studio in the City revealed all their wonderful art projects including this mural.

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While the sky had it’s own artistic flair.

The night market got ‘lit up’ so to speak.

And the Labour Day Weekend ‘tugged’ on our heartstrings.

The Polygon Gallery walkway was revealed. Psst… how cool is that bench?

And Browns LoLo is teasing us with their grand opening coming very soon!

Only a few weeks left until we will be doing this on the regular! #ComingSoon #LowerLonsdale

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While this little racoon made itself at home.

There is a raccoon sitting on my patio chair. #lowerlonsdale

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And even though the weather wasn’t optimal, the long weekend prevailed.

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