No one can argue that Lower Lonsdale is in the midst of a serious growth spurt. It seems everywhere you look there is a new high-rise being built and new, thriving businesses opening their doors. With all these new accommodations, one would think that there would be a bountiful selection of affordable rental apartments, but alas, that is NOT the case.


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Back story:

I currently live in a rental apartment with my boyfriend that we both really love. We found it last year, about a day or two after we started looking. It’s been completely renovated and the price is perfect. However, we are on the top floor of an older building in which the roof is crumbling above us. Back in mid-June, we had a flood come through our kitchen ceiling and for the past two months all of the upper-cabinets have been removed and strewn across our apartment–which for an OCD freak like me is essentially the worst case scenario. The kitchen is about to be fixed this week but then the other day, another leak came through in 3 different spots in the living room. So now, I’m panicking.

I am not an expert in real estate but I AM an expert in finding ‘hidden gems’ when it comes to rental apartments. When this recent leak happened, I IMMEDIATELY started the hunt for another place for a ‘just in case’ situation. I turned to my good friend Craigslist (apologized for not visiting him lately) and searched ‘1 bedroom apartment in Lower Lonsdale with a $1600 max‘.

Usually, I would have pages to scroll through and options to weigh. But this time, there was not even a full page of listings and the listings that were shown were nowhere near what I currently have and definitely not for the price that I have either.

I also checked Advent Vancouver, thinking we would even up our budget. But this website was even WORSE. They gave me a tonne of listings but every single one was marked ‘RENTED’ in a big orange (and annoying) banner–why they bother showing them all actually makes me upset.

So what has changed in a year? Why are pickings so slim? Is my price unreasonable?

One argument is that it is ‘back to school’ season and the students are nabbing up all the decent rentals. But I have weird feeling that this may be the reality that has come to be. Needless to say, we are staying put in our ceiling-less, leaky but otherwise perfect apartment in lieu of trying to find a new home from the poor selection in Lower Lonsdale. Obviously, there is nowhere else we’d rather be– and it seems a lot of people feel the same.

What do you think is the reason for the lack of rental apartments in Lower Lonsdale?

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