If you’ve ever been to La Taqueria then you’ve probably seen this creamy drink being served up with their famous tacos. There are many different versions of the popular drink, Horchata, depending where in the world you are.

The authentic Mexican Horchata that La Taqueria serves up is made with Ceylon Cinnamon (Mexican cinnamon) which is known to have many health benefits such as being an aid in blood sugar control, containing anti-oxidants and being remedial for stomach bugs and flus.


To receive your FREE Horchata from La Taqueria North Vancouver:

Use the Lower Lonsdale Word of the Day ‘GRUA’ (Spanish for ‘crane’) when purchasing any menu item!

Offer valid on weekends ONLY. This offer expires September 30th, 2015.

Weekend hours are Saturday/Sunday 11am-5pm.