It’s no coincidence that home and design shows start appearing in the fall as the temperatures decrease and everyone is spending more of their time indoors.

If you’re working from home, you’ll want to make sure that your environment is comfortable, conducive to productivity, and inspiring. The rainy, cool fall weather means that a cozy and warm feeling is also desirable in a home office. Apart from ergonomic furniture, including an adjustable chair and desk, here are a few essentials to make your home office one that you’ll want to spend some time in.

Personal touches

Choose a few of your favourite photos to place in a picture holder on your desk to give you something positive to focus on when you need to take your eyes away from your screen for a moment. Some people find that motivational quotes or sayings help to keep them going throughout the day. Small decorations and accessories to visually warm your work space can be found at Lonsdale Quay Market.

Favourite pens and a notebook

Even in the “digital age,” I find myself reaching for pen and paper more than anything else to quickly jot down ideas, add to my to-do list or just to doodle. You don’t want to have to pause what you’re doing (working, not seeing what everyone’s up to on Facebook, right?) to type up a few notes or thoughts that suddenly cross your mind, so a notebook and pen help to keep things flowing.

An editorial calendar

Do you have a digital one, or do you use a paper day planner? I like paper, and since I spend enough time on all my electronic devices, I prefer to keep a paper planner with me. I write down all my blog post ideas, what I want to write on certain days and incoming/outgoing money.

A wall calendar might also be a good addition to your home office. I have a dry-erase one that allows me to use it for any month by filling in the dates. This type of calendar allows me to quickly visualize how the rest of my week or month is going and what upcoming projects I have.


An external hard drive is a good idea for physically storing your digital files. I set mine to automatically back up selected folders and drives every day. Cloud storage may be a good idea for extra backup. Flash drives now hold several GB (and more) of data. They work well for putting files and documents that I need to add to someone else’s computer or to view on my Smart TV.  Other than this, I do use Google Docs for spreadsheets, and Dropbox for pictures and other files. I store articles and .pdfs on Evernote, which is synced to my phone and tablet.

Other storage may include a filing cabinet, if you have a lot that needs to be stored, accordion file, or a rolling cart that holds all your office supplies (things like Post It Notes, notepads, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.)

What do you keep in your home office to make it feel warm and inviting, even as it’s cold and rainy outside?