I try my hardest not to eat out too much, but sometimes food prep is just too time consuming. On days when I can’t find time to make my lunch, I feel lucky to have a wide variety of delicious and healthy lunch spots at my disposal. Here are some of my favourite healthy lunch spots in Lower Lonsdale:

Tao Organics (131 West Esplanade)


Tao Organics is raw, organic and offers delicious grab ‘n’ go’s which makes it easy if you’re in a rush. The young thai coconut water, kombucha, raw chocolate and granola bars are all great healthy options. My favourite thing at Tao is their fruit crepes and chai latte. I get this when I have a sweet tooth. The crepe is high in protein from all the nuts, so even though it may look like a small portion it sustains my energy till I can make it home for dinner. Tao Organics also makes their own almond milk and chai from scratch for their yummy latte–no syrups added!

Buddhaful Cafe (101 West 1st Street)

Food_Buddhaful_Fall2014 (1)

This adorable little store is always bustling at lunch so you may want to call ahead! They’re known for their amazing chickpea mango chutney wrap but I usually opt for something a little lighter. Their roasted pumpkin soup is delicious and their bean & nut burger is great if you feel like something a bit more filling. Buddhaful also makes massive smoothies if your looking for a meal on the go.

Lonsdale Quay Market (123 Carrie Cates Court)


It’s a bit overwhelming going to a food market with so many delicious options for lunch. Baked goods, fish and chips, burgers and burritos are so tempting! Resist the temptations and try these; soup at The Soup Meister is made from scratch and they always have healthy options, or the kale frozen yogurt at Frux topped with fresh blueberries, cocoa nibs and nuts!

Two Daughters Bakeshop (121 East 1st Street)


The lovely ladies at Two Daughter Bakeshop have recently started making sandwiches with their gluten free bread. They have a roasted veggie Panini that’s perfect for gluten free folks. My favourite snack is their organic sunflower butter granola bar–it’s a must-try.

Artisan Bake Shoppe (108 East 2nd Street)


This is a staff favourite for us here at The Juicery Co. The Artisan Bake Shoppe is committed to using healthy ingredients. You can order a vegetable sandwich on spelt, kamut or quinoa bread. They use organic ingredients in their sandwiches as much as possible and they often have really yummy soups on special.

La Tasca Cafe (144 Lonsdale Avenue)


La Tasca Cafe is a little hidden gem right next to Sushi Bella on Lonsdale Avenue. They recently opened and the owner Georgio is so passionate about his food it makes you want to try everything on the menu! Georgio makes all of his food from scratch. My favourite is the Israeli Salad…yum!

The Juicery Co. (254 East 1st Street)

juice juice

I may be a bit biased but I always enjoy lunch at The Juicery Co. I would suggest trying one of our delicious smoothies or our acai bowls. Frozen banana with acai, raw cocoa and maca powder topped with Two Daughters Bakeshop Gluten Free granola and banana. If I’m on-the-go I usually grab a green juice and Prima bar.