While my heart and home reside in Lower Lonsdale, once in a while something comes along that’s just special enough to entice me across the water to “the big city”. This weekend that has to be Greek Day on Broadway–a lively celebration of all things Greek that promises delicious eats and entertainment.This event is essentially a wrap-up to Greek Heritage Month, so even if you don’t plan on making your way to Kits on Sunday, I definitely encourage you to indulge in as much tsatziki and Greek salad as you can this weekend.

Lucky for us, Lower Lonsdale is home to three fabulous Greek eateries–each bringing their own unique flavour to the neighbourhood. Last night I braved the heat and made my way to one of our sit-down options,  Anatoli Souvlaki. This deceptively large restaurant, located at 5 Lonsdale Avenue,  has been a North Shore staple for over 30 years, and is a great choice for your Greek classics.

Food_AnatoliSouvlaki_Fall2014Having a not-so-secret obsession with Greek appies, my friend and I decided to start with both the Homous and the Saganaki; a delicious pairing if I do say so myself. Live a little and try the two together on a warm pita triangle; this combination of garlic, citrus, and salty cheese is absolutely to die for!


Picking up on our love of tasty treats, one of the waiters decided to treat us to one of Anatoli’s specialties, the Taramosalata. This caviar spread is apparently an oft-looked over menu item that really does deserve some special attention. Made in traditional Greek style with carp-roe, aioli and citrus, this tangy dip has a mild yet pleasing  flavour that I didn’t expect.  If you’re interested in giving it a go, opt for the Dip Taster, which comes with tsatziki, homous and the taramosalata.


After gorging ourselves on dip and cheese, we opted to share the Prawn Souvlaki Dinner for our main. This dish is fairly standard, featuring a skewer of seven grilled prawns, a serving of Greek salad, rice, and those always-tasty Greek potatoes. Though the serving was slightly smaller than I remembered from past visits, we definitely had more than enough food to feed us both, with leftovers.


Feeling full but not quite satisfied, we knew we had to order dessert. While I adore pretty much all Greek desserts, we decided to stick with the classics and shared a serving of baklava. This honey-drenched pastry comes in two triangles with a little mountain of whipped cream, and is easily one of the best baklava treats that I’ve had outside of Greece. I’m not even a dessert person and I’m literally salivating as I write this. Just go eat it.


Whether you’re celebrating Greek Day or just craving some fresh eats in this crazy heat, Anatoli Souvlaki is a great local option to explore.

Curious about our other Greek options? Check out our review of Pasparos Tavern, located just a block west of Lonsdale and 3rd, or head on down to the quay for some Greek on the go at George’s Souvlaki.