Wine slushies may have picked up where last summer’s sangria left off, but there are oh so many more freezer treats to be had. Why not try something fun to spruce up your refreshment routine this summer?

Iced coffee
Everyone has their favourite way of preparing this cool, caffeinated magic, so stick to your tried and true brewing method. The summer twist? Add coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice. Make these by pouring coffee (you can even doctor it up with milk and sugar!) into an ice cube tray and freeze. This way when your ice melts you’re not getting a watered down drink, so you can feel free to sip at your leisure. Click here for more detailed instructions.


Patio drinks with a twist
Want to impress your peeps while patio season is in full swing? Try freezing some fun into your ice. If you’re a G&T fan, freeze rosemary or cucumber in your ice. Into something a bit more inventive? Mix it up by freezing berries, fresh herbs (think basil or mint), or edible flowers and surprise your friends with something delicious and refreshing. Click here for more fun ice cube ideas.


Adult popsicles
These have been big for a while now. Buy a popsicle mold, pour in your preferred mixture (I’m partial to pouring in fruity smoothies) and add a bit of booze if you so desire to kick your picnics up a notch. Pretty much any drink can be turned into a popsicle – right now my freezer has sangria pops just waiting for my next beach night. For more boozy pop ideas, click here.


Frozen fruit
Ice cream is delicious, but rumour has it there are times of the day that it’s not advised from a dietary point of view. Like… for breakfast. Instead, try freezing grapes for a sweet and refreshing treat. If you want to make your own faux ice cream, try blending together whatever frozen fruit you have in the freezer with a frozen banana (this makes it creamy) – you might need to add a bit of milk/water/juice to get it to blend properly. You’re welcome. Click here for a home made Banana Cherry Garcia recipe.