Guys, it’s festival time! There’s tons going on in Lower Lonsdale during the summer months, so I thought it was time for a friendly reminder of how to behave when you’re out and about, enjoying all the fun that our little neighbourhood offers.

1. Stay cool without alienating your neighbours. Everyone WANTS to feel refreshed, but that doesn’t mean that they want your children pointing a water gun at their face. Leave the water balloons and water guns at home unless you’re heading to the park with friends.

2. Umbrellas as sun protection. Look, I get it. An umbrella provides shade that moves with you. But… it’s still an umbrella with pointy edges that in a crowd of people can be super annoying and downright dangerous. So just don’t. Maybe invest in a hat this year?

3. Clean up after yourself. Yes, I’m talking to you. Whether you’re packing a picnic lunch, taking your iced latte to the park or indulging in one of the amazing food trucks at a local festival, your mother isn’t with you. (Or maybe she is, but it’s time to grow up and clean up your own messes anyways.) Don’t chuck it on the ground when you’re done with it, find recycling and trash bins and dispose of your junk properly.

4. Keep the yelling under wraps. You know how every wedding has that drunk uncle who thinks he’s hilarious/ the life of the party, and goes around telling the LONGEST stories at the top of his lungs? Don’t be that guy at a festival. You probably are funny, but save that magic for the people you’re with – and be aware that little ears abound who definitely don’t need to hear about your weekend escapades.

5. Cover up. This one is twofold – one because I care deeply about your health, and sun protection is important. The other? I also care deeply about my eyes, and there are certain outfits I can’t un-see. If it’s see-through, covers less than a bathing suit or covers nothing at all, maybe it’s best worn for your special someone in the comfort of your own home.

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