This time of year, most publications put out lists of Father’s Day gift suggestions. The truth is, some of these are helpful; most of them are not. As one of the few actual fathers (I have a beautiful 10 year-old girl) here at, I thought it would be prudent if I put together a list of Father’s Day gifts that will actually help.

Firstly, yes us fathers love the handmade gifts from the kids…lets not over-do it though. However, a card and/or perhaps a drawing of the family is quite sufficient. Honestly, I don’t think that papier-mâché mug or the binoculars made from toilet rolls is really going to do the job as advertised.

Next, neckties. This is a no-zone for most of us Dads. Just don’t do it. For that matter, any article of clothing is a poor gift. Us fathers are generally set in our ways and frown upon wardrobe change (I thank the hipsters for bringing boat shoes back in). Personally, I don’t have to wear a tie for work, but I do have a nice rotation of craft beer shirts, Wilco tees and golf-tops that would be a shame to upset.


The next idea I can recommend as a Father’s Day gift are tickets to any event. And it must be for the whole family, not just for Dad. Whether it’s a relatively inexpensive Canadians baseball game, or an upcoming Cirque du Soleil show; as much as many Dads don’t admit it we do love spending time with you. Let’s have a fun day out doing it. One caveat here, no Playland tickets here, this is supposed to be about Dad for once!

Lastly, beer. Yep, good ol’ water, barley, malt and hops. Wives, feel free to head down to the local shop and load up on some nice beer for us. The key word here is “nice” beer. I can hear you now,“What exactly is a nice beer?” Here’s a pro-tip for you ladies. Buy only big bottles of beer for us, not six-packs of cans or small bottles. There is just too much room for error in the smaller sizes. The last thing any of us want is being gifted a pack of Alexander Keiths or Sleeman Honey Brown. These are NOT nice beers. The big bottles are usually in the corner of the shop, away from the mass-marketed swill. Pick out any of them that have the word Ale on the label, and you pretty much can’t lose.

Here’s hoping these simple pointers can help out even one aimless gift-giver and make Father’s Day that much better for us guys.