Skoah Glow—a term coined to explain the state of unreserved bliss that apparently can only be obtained by experiencing a facial treatment at Skoah. Bit of a lofty claim perhaps, but then again, it’s not wrong either.

When I was first offered a facial at the Lower Lonsdale location of Skoah I had no idea what to expect. I had noticed the little spa on the east side of Lonsdale, but had never stepped inside, and my only previous experience in the world of facials had consisted of a terrifying encounter with an evil extraction fiend at the age of 13. As such, you can imagine my relief when I arrived to find a distinct lack of malevolent brutes, and instead encountered a bright clean space full of friendly faces.

Yavanna Arnold, owner of Skoah – Lower Lonsdale, greeted me on my arrival, showing me around the small space that consists of a retail store stocked with the Skoah product line, a modest yet comfortable waiting space, and two private rooms dedicated to their spa services. Yavanna, who is also a long-time resident of Lower Lonsdale, told me about how this location opened their doors in 2009, some eight year after the first Skoah popped up in Yaletown. Apparently our little community and its propensity for growth has been quite good for business—quelle surprise!


Following a brief chat about my nonexistent skin care regime, Yavanna left me in my little room to prepare for the most popular item on the menu, the Facialiscious—a 75 minute treatment that features a lovely combination of skin care and muscle massage. I quickly learned that one of the things that  makes Skoah unique is its dedication to creating customized facials and skin care plans, what they call personal training for the skin. With this in mind, I was pretty jazzed to begin my first Skoah experience.

The facial began with a gentle cleanse and peppermint-y exfoliation treatment to clear the canvas. While the mask was doing its magic, the skin trainer–i.e., Yavanna–provided a soothing foot and leg massage with Skoah’s Sweet Love Body Kream. Next up was the skin analysis and subsequent extractions. Thanks to good genetics I didn’t have to suffer much, and instead was able to move swiftly on to the Kalm Down Mask and accompanying shea butter arm and shoulder massage—delish!


Yavanna then applied my personal favourite, Hydradew, a hydrating mask that essentially operates like a big drink of water for you face—a plus for those of us who tend towards dehydration. Following this mask, I was treated to a lovely face massage, which apparently aids in firming up the skin, and the application of a skin boost serum to prevent hyper pigmentation. The facial was finished off by a combination of moisturizing cream, lip balm, and a mini scalp massage.

I was honestly too blissed out to reflect on the experience until the next day, but in hindsight I am extremely impressed by the care and attention that was taken in every step of my treatment. Yavanna was welcoming and genuine, and seemed happy to answer any questions that I had. She made sure to explain what she was doing whenever she was changing treatments, and was not only extremely knowledgeable about the Skoah brand, but also clearly believes in the quality and value of their product line and vision.

Whether getting ready for a hot date or unwinding from too many deadlines, I would definitely recommend trying out the Skoah experience. The spa provides a variety of “skin care workouts”, from 20 minute extractions to 75 minute intensives, so there’s pretty much something for everyone.

Note for male readers: Skoah offers up a “mancial” that caters to your unique needs and includes a neck and beard treatment, as well as a soothing foot detox. Rumour has it that this service is so incredible that not one man has been able to resist the urge to fall asleep!

Check out the Skoah website for more information on their product line, services, and skin gym memberships.