The North Shore Spirit Trail is an ambitious effort to create a continuous greenway across the entire North Shore. This would one day allow city residents and visitors to hike, bike or rollerblade from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay. The City, together with the provincial government, North Shore municipalities, First Nations, and other agencies and organizations are working to create this 35-kilometer North Shore Spirit Trial.                      – City of North Vancouver

I love the idea of the North Shore Spirit Trail. As an avid walker, I use the trail going West towards Park Royal all the time. And just the other day I stumbled upon the new Spirit Trail East of Lonsdale and got super excited to see this trail start to expand towards Moodyville park!

The trail is continuous but this new portion starts at Esplanade and St. Georges. Follow the sign marked ‘Spirit Trail’ towards Moodyville Park.

Spirit 1

The path is nicely paved and clearly marked. You need to cross to the North side of the street just before the Low Road.

Spirit 3

Follow the salmon (and other various things) East!

Spirit 2

Spirit 15

As you go uphill, the views of the harbour become more clear. This is a great spot to see all the happenings of the Burrard inlet. There is a thick glass wall that deflects the traffic noise from the Low Level Rd. — however the trainyard is still very audible!

Spirit 14

Recognize this building? This is the temporary spot for the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Station that is normally located at the bottom of Lonsdale. They have a sign saying the anticipated return to the foot of Lonsdale would be Spring 2015 — guess that’s not happening?

spirit 4

Once you get to St. Davids, the walkway becomes a shared path for pedestrians, cyclists AND vehicles. This is the back alley for people who live on Alder.

Spirit 5

If you’re a cyclist. You need to take this exit up to a temporary Spirit Trail via East 2nd as there are wooden stairs up ahead.

Spirit 13

If you’re a pedestrian, you can keep heading towards the stairs and approaching ravine detour.

Spirit 6

They constructed a nice suspension bridge over the ravine. It’s actually pretty shaky when you walk on it. This actually gave me flashbacks to when my brothers used to purposely shake a bridge whenever I was on it — not annoying at all.

Spirit 12

Spirit 8

After the bridge, follow the stairs to take you towards Moodyville Park which is a beauty in itself.

Spirit 9

Spirit 10

You can see more of the views from Moodyville Park in a previous article from Simon C. Hughes.

I hope everyone gets out there and starts using the Spirit Trail BOTH ways. We are so lucky to live in a city that recognizes the importance of these connecting trails!

For more information on the North Shore Spirit Trail, visit the City of North Vancouver website here.