Running and craft beer, together at last. Once a year, North Vancouver’s Bridge Brewing Company combines these two hobbies into one unique event. On Sunday July 12, Bridge will be holding it’s 3rd Annual 10k Growler Run. For some reason, I signed up for this year’s event.


For a $35 entry fee, up to 50 entrants will run a course out and back to the brewery at 1448 Charlotte Rd, all the while carrying two growlers filled with water. A growler, for ones unfamiliar is a 1.89L re-fillable glass jug, which has become a preferred method for craft beer aficionados to purchase beer from their favourite breweries.

Now, carrying the two vessels (which filled weigh approximately 5kg total) may not seem like much, but how many times have you run with that much weight in your hands? My answer, never. Of course this is close to the same answer if I was asked how many times I have run 10km period. I’ve completed one half-marathon, and a few official 10k runs in my life and run that far at one time maybe another dozen times…in total. I do the Grouse Grind once or twice a week and every year or so I’ll go run 10k just to know I can do it in case of emergency…so I’ll be fine, right?

Again, I’m not sure why I signed up. I do really enjoy Bridge’s beer and the folks that run the place, so I figured I’d support a good cause as the proceeds go to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. Each participant does get a nice Bridge Brewing technical running shirt AND a pint in the tasting room when done. Perhaps that’s all I needed to hear. Somehow, I think I may need more than one pint when I finish even if it will be only 10am on a Sunday.

The race begins at 9am on July 12, and Bridge co-founder Leigh Stratton tells me there are still spots available. Drop on by the brewery at 1448 Charlotte Rd any day between 1 and 7pm to sign up and join me in the fun and nonsense.