Today I’m sharing one of my absolute FAVs when it comes to getting crafty and upcycling ‘junk’… Wine corks are fun to reuse and restyle. Making wine cork jewelry is one of those fun and super addictive projects.


What you’ll need:

– Wine corks
– Hand saw, exacto knife or bread knife
– Scrap paper, old magazines or maps
– Scissors
– Mod Podge
– Sponge brush and/or paintbrush
– Screw-in eyelets
– Jump rings
– Earring hooks
– Wood varnish (optional)

First step is slicing the wine corks into thinner rounds. The rounds should be approximately 3/4″ deep.


You can use a hand saw, exacto knife or bread knife to cut the rounds with or without a vice. If you’re lucky enough to know someone with powertools that would save you time and a bunch of hard work.

After you cut the rounds then use scissors to clean up the edges. Try to make one side flat.


Find the right paper. This is Japanese wrapping paper I found stashed away. You can use old magazines, napkins or drawings.


Next step is to glue the paper to the flat side of the wine cork. First you’ll need Mod Podge and a sponge brush.

Note: the wood varnish and a regular paintbrush you’ll need later.


I find sponge brushes work really well when using Mod Podge. Add a coat of Mod Podge to the flat side of the cork round.


Place the side with glue onto the back of your paper then rub the paper into the cork. Let the glue dry.


Once the Mod Podge is dry trim the excess paper from your cork. Cut along the edge of the cork so the edge of the glued paper is in line with the edge of the cork. Now add a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the paper. Allow to dry.

Note: feel free to add 2-3 coats of Mod Podge to the top of the paper. Allow the glue to dry between coats.


Now we get to start adding the wood varnish. I like to use a paintbrush for this step. You want to add 2-3 coats of wood varnish. Make sure the varnish dries completely between coats.


I usually make a bunch of these at a time. The wood varnish is a cheap and easy way to give your cork rounds a resin type finish.


Once you’ve applied the wood varnish and it’s dry, add the screw-in eyelets to the top of the cork round.

After you’ve added the screw-in eyelet, you can add the jump ring then earring hook.


Or add the screw-in eyelet to the back of the wine cork to create decorative buttons. Easy peasy! And that’s it… Simple, cost effective and fun!


This is one of the DIYs in the book I recently authored, Raw Crafts: 40 Projects from Hemp, Jute, Burlap & Cork. The book includes 40 easy peasy DIYs using hemp, jute, burlap, cork and mixed media. It’s now available online and is published through Lark Crafts.


Happy crafting LoLo peeps!