Here’s another way to reuse and make something awesome to keep or giveaway. Macrame is back in style so be trendy by repurposing, planting and knotting. And it’s so darn simple to do while creating a one-of-a-kind home for plants and flowers.

What you’ll need:

Jute, string or hemp
A small glass container
A plant and a bit of dirt
Rocks (optional)
Glue gun & glue sticks (optional)

Gather your supplies – use a glass container from your recycle bin or use a treasure from a thrift store or garage sale. You can find jute at the dollar store. The plant I used is a succulent from North Van Florist at 14th and Lonsdale.


First clean your container. Wash then allow to dry. Now cut the jute. Cut one piece at 8″ in length. This will be tied around the opening of the container. Then cut eight pieces at 4′ in length. You may not need them this long but better to have the pieces too long than too short.


Tape down the short piece of jute then fold the other pieces in half. Take the loop and place it under the length of jute piece that is taped down. Then pull the two loose ends through the loop. This is a larks head knot. Do this for all eight pieces of jute.


Remove the jute piece from the tape then place it around the opening of your glass container. Tie it to the container. Feel free to use a glue gun to help keep it in place.


Now take two pieces of jute – a loose thread from different lark head knots and tie them into a knot 1-2″ down from the rim of the glass container. Then pair two other pieces of loose jute and tie them into a knot 1-2″ down from the first knot. Keep doing this until you get to the bottom of your container. This creates a simple yet elegant container for the glass.


Take the group of loose jute ends and tie them into a knot. You can also take another piece of jute and tie it to one of the loose ends then use it to wrap the group of jute.


At this point you can add rocks to the bottom of the glass container then add dirt and then plant your flower or succulent. Succulents are perfect for this DIY since they require minimal care and watering.


Cut two pieces of jute at 2′ in length. Fold them in half then thread the loop through the jute you tied around the rim of your container. Pull the loose threads through the loop, tighten then do the same to the adjacent side of the rim. Then knot the four threads together at the top to create your hanger.

You’re nearly done! Our final step is to cut a piece of jute at 2′ in length then use our glue gun to create a trim. Add a dab of hot glue then glue one end of the jute to the rim then dab glue and wrap the jute around the rim. Once you’ve added the trim then you’re ready to hang this.


Feel free to experiment with macrame. Try different knots, different ways to hang your planter… Macrame is fun, addictive and looks pretty darn swanky.