In this post, Lauren and Alex from The Juicery Co. dish some real talk about chemicals in cosmetics, and show you how to make a rejuvinating facemask using all natural ingredients.


Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. It’s actually necessary to take the time out of our days to invest some energy onto ourselves. This allows us to recharge our battery and detox our mind. Our favourite way to kickback and pamper ourselves is applying a DIY facemask! There is something therapeutic about mixing up a concoction with ingredients you know will fed your skin, then washing it- and the little things in life, down the drain.

Today’s “beauty care” industry’s lotions, and potions, contain a list of synthetic toxic ingredients. These ingredients have been linked to cancer, allergies, and endocrine disturbances to name a few. Others have little known about their potentially hazardous effects. Scary right?

As consumers, we can easily be mislead into thinking that we’ve made a better choice by choosing something labelled natural, but this marketing adjective unfortunately has no regulations attached to it. The chemicals in the facemasks alone are bad enough, but consider what the average woman getting ready puts on. How about tallying up the chemicals in her perfume, makeup, antiperspirant, nail polish, cream, and the hair products? Yikes. Our skin acts as a protective barrier, but it’s not impermeable, meaning chemicals can find their way into our bodies.

I know this sounds overwhelming, but it all starts with awareness. Read labels and become familiar with big name bad guys (check out David Suzuki’s12 ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics, or, explore the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Database), and try to switch out your personal care products one at a time for a gentler alternative. Take comfort in knowing that these two recipes can be slathered onto your face before bedtime, but you could also put a scoop into your morning smoothie.

Lauren & Alex xo


Spirulina is high in antioxidants for your skin and has lots of chlorophyll! This mask will help

tighten your skin, eliminate bacteria that causes acne and is good for sensitive skin or those who have



2 tsp. of Spirulina

1 tsp. of Benonite Clay

Method: Add warm water slowly until you can mix it into a paste.


Matcha helps to firm and brighten skin, the avocado help to hydrate and regenerate your cells and the raw honey is antibacterial!


½ an Avocado

1 tsp of matcha powder

1 tbsp of honey, raw is best if you have it!


Mix all ingredients together! If it’s on the thicker side you can add warm water or coconut oil.